Historic Meramec Flood Impact

We’re Still Here!

Floating Takes on a Whole New Meaning at OORR~

You don’t operate this kind of business without watching weather forecasts, river conditions, and ground saturation closely. 1917351_10156396644165182_9195714493508522850_nYet, there’s no way for any human being to accurately predict what will happen when six to seven inches of rain is anticipated, overlaying pre-soaked topsoil. However, from years of experience in this industry, we know long-term deluges typically cause big rises in the rivers, whereas short heavy bursts more often create flash flooding in our creeks. When forecasters gave advance warning of recent rains, we knew we had to move what we could to higher ground.

For several heart-palpitating hours, we watched the river rise in yet another 500 year flood event. The second in seven years. Not your ordinary day at the office.

It took us two years to fully clean up and rebuild after the March ’08 floodwaters poured through. Eighteen inches inside our store was not a laughing matter. When this flood exceeded two feet inside the Meramec Mercantile, our resolve to smile was tested — but with determination and teamwork we’re passing the test.

Most of you can relate, as first-time road closings around our state were reported one after the other. Some of you are scooping, squeegeeing, and shoveling like us. We feel your drain.

Closing Temporarily for Repairs1940010_10156396644335182_6828428201649631546_n
With four months before warm weather hits, we are already hard at work. After we remove and rinse the mud and sludge away, toss those items we cannot salvage, tear out fixtures destroyed by the raging rush, we’ll finally be ready to begin the rebuild.

Due to the volume of restoration we must tackle, a period of focusing our full attention on cleanup and construction needs is crucial. We estimate this concentrated effort of will require 30-60 days, taking us into early February or March. During this phase, Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort will be closed for much of the time, though we will be available to take your 2016 reservations.

If between now and March 1st you wish to be our guest, we ask that you call before driving down, in order to determine if we will have the ability to IMG_6290accommodate your requests. It is important to us that we serve our customers and not disappoint, so dialing 573-245-6437 will allow us to either meet your expectations now, or help us guide you to a better experience at a later date.

If you are cleaning up after the recent deluge, here are some excellent sites with helpful tips and checklists. Wishing you well until we see you soon! Happy 2016.



“It is not power that drives a river to carve sculptures from rock, but through its persistence. Successful people carve their endeavors the same way.” ~ Anita Agers Brooks

“Never test the depth of a river with both feet.” ~Warren Buffet


Showing Appreciation

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours from all the Ozark Outdoors Crew!

IMG_2097We want to take a moment and thank YOU for being our very special guest. We strive for our guests to have the best time ever on their vacation~ so, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to let us know by filing out a Guest Comment Form. If you loved your stay we want to hear about that too– give us a review!​

In honor of thanking you for being our very special guest, we winter specialare giving back to you this holiday season! During the months of December, January, & February we will be offering a special on our Deluxe Kozy Kabins. Rent a cabin with us during these three months and book for 2 nights & the 3rd night is Free!
**We request at least 48 hours advance notice. More details about our Deluxe Kozy Kabins
Showing appreciation may not always be the easiest thing for everyone, but it’s that time of year & honestly, we should all show it more often. We’ve compiled a list of ways to show your appreciation to others:
  • Give hugs.
  • Write a handwritten thank you note.
  • Stop talking, and actually listen to what they have to say.
  • Challenge them to be the best they can be.
  • Give someone a sincere compliment.
  • Do something little but thoughtful for them.
  • Look them straight in the eyes and say, “You make the world a better place”.
  • Be genuine about your praise and don’t expect anything in return for being nice.

69258ea8930826fc9d07e9503c440894Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks for checking in with us~ stay tuned for the latest and greatest: tips, tricks, learning, and all things RIVER FUN!

Enjoy your free copy of our Thanksgiving Activities & Printables

Splashfully Yours,

Ozark Outdoors Crew 🙂


Are you familiar with the Purple Paint?

Do you enjoy rafting, canoeing, kayaking, or tubing? An adventurous paddling trip down the twists and curves of the creeks? A day trip relaxing in a raft, while the river carries you forward? Do you enjoy stopping along the gravel bars for a break, a snack, or just to go in for a swim?

We, at Ozark Outdoors, are river lovers ourselves. If we aren’t in the office, working the grounds, or driving a shuttle bus– you will likely see us on the river!

floating missouri rivers

We, just as we ask our guests, are respecting the property owners along the rivers we float on. So, we ask are you familiar with the ‘Purple Paint Law? If you are not and you are our guest, or floating along other Missouri Rivers please check it out. Simply click the above link & you will be redirected to Float Missouri’s webpage explaining the law!

Thanks for checking us out this morning & stay tuned for the latest and greatest: tips, tricks, learning, and all things RIVER FUN!

–Ozark Outdoors Staff & Management 🙂

Winter in the Ozarks

Good morning from the valleys of the Ozarks. November has brought us cold weather, but we’ve still got things to do!


Winter Float Trips: How about enjoying a nice cool trip along one of our beautiful rivers. Yes, we said a winter float trip. This is a swell season to enjoy solitude, clear waters, fishing is good, and winter views give you a different perspective! Enjoy the crystal clear Huzzah or Courtois Creeks, or the beautiful scenery & bluffs of the Meramec.

Huzzah Conservation Area [Hunting]: We are only about 10 minutes from the conservation area & hunting is allowed there. We have Tent & RV campsites, and Cabins available if you would like a warm place to stay during the season!

Meramec Learning Ranch: Check out their ziplines, power pole, giant swing, vertical playground, mountain biking.

Belmont Vineyards: A family business located in Leasburg, they offer 10 wines ranging from dry to sweet. Business hours are Sunday: Noon to 6 pm & Thursday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm. Live music on some weekends!

Onondaga State Park: There is a lot to enjoy: hiking and biking trails for adults & children, see species of flora & fauna, fish the Meramec River. Please note CAVE tours are not available this time of year.

Cuba Murals: Take a trip on Route 66 to see the murals in Cuba, MO. Stop by Missouri Hick for BBQ on your trip or Skippy’s Route 66 Bar & Grill.

Guinness World Record Largest Rocking Chair: Take your photo with “A Route 66 Wonder”.

Museums & Galleries: Learn all about history in Steelville & Cuba: art, history, agriculture, wine, & more!

Hope everyone is enjoying this fall!

Must Do Fall Activities in the Ozarks

Even though Summer is our absolute favorite season– with a vote from staff Autumn is probably the runner up. The fall air is crisp, trees have turned to beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, and Bald Eagles are back on the Meramec River. Fall in the Ozarks is pretty self-explanatory for us however, we know not everyone is as familiar as we are. So, we teamed up together and made a list of some must do fall activities for you to enjoy!

DSC_2418Annual Halloween Spooktacular: An enchanted weekend held at our very own resort property, located on 1 1/2 mile of Meramec Riverfront. A Chili Cook-Off, hayrides, bonfires, campsite & pumpkin decorating, costume contest, and more. This is one weekend you won’t want to miss with the kids.

12027359_10156126062720182_286656948059803586_oFall Float Trips: Enjoy the beautiful landscape along the Meramec’s edge, the crystal clear waters of the Huzzah, the twists and turns of the Courtois, or a trip to experience all three! On your trip you could see the Majestic Bald Eagles in their natural habitats.


Hiking Trips: The colors of fall make it the perfect time of year to go hiking, not to mention you don’t have to deal with the harsh summer heat or bug swarms. Some even enjoy an overnight hiking & canoeing trip.

Camp out: Of course fall camping makes the list– what’s better than cuddling around the bonfire on cool nights with great friends. The outdoor air will be surprisingly refreshing!

12118860_10205327959460713_8655004905532640959_nPumpkin Patch: Do you love carving pumpkins? Maybe you prefer to paint pumpkins? Or you just love pumpkin everything, like me?! Whatever your pumpkin fever may be from you can find your Perfect Pumpkin by visiting a local pumpkin patch like the friendly faces at Heartland Farms.

Corn Maze: Get lost in a corn maze day or night, take the kids to the mini maze, check out the petting zoo, bounce houses, and more family fun!

Belmont Vineyards: If you’re out looking for a fun, relaxing fall date you won’t want to miss out on Belmont’s great wine & live music. See their schedule here.

Are you ready for a Spooktacular Weekend?!

Halloween Festivities near St. Louis MissouriA weekend of enchantments in is our near future! This Friday & Saturday we host our 4th Annual Halloween Spooktacular! We will be having a Complimentary dinner & Chili Cook Off on Friday afternoon, followed by a bonfire and hayrides.

Saturday is fun packed with campsite and/or lodging decorating, trunk-or-treating for the kiddos, costume contests, pumpkin decoration/ carving contest, & the playing of an original Halloween classic– for the full schedule click here.

We offer a getaway from all of the aspects of your busy lives. Bring the kids down, put down the electronics, and enjoy some quality family time with one another. Go fishing on the Meramec, hike some of our nearby trails, watch Bald Eagles, or just sit around a bonfire.

Call now to book– 800-888-0023

Spring is here!

Birds are singing their happy songs of spring, the trees are beginning to bud, the river is up– do you know what that means? Here at Ozark Outdoors that means that SPRING IS HERE and boy are we excited!

Agenda for the rest of March and April is pretty busy; we’re training new hires, opening lodging units back up for season, working on some NEW surprises too 🙂

Extended forecast looks AWESOME— check it out for Ozark’s spring weather!

Meramec River in Leasburg Missouri Turtles relaxing on a Log Meramec River







Wondering how we monitor the river levels? We use the USGS Water Resources:

Meramec River at Cook Station (above Ozark Outdoors)
Meramec River at Steelville (above Ozark Outdoors)
Meramec River near Sullivan (below Ozark Outdoors)
Huzzah Creek near Steelville (above Ozark Outdoors, flows into the Meramec)

Summer 2015 Will Be Here in 3..2..1..!

As summer is fast approaching, we here at Ozark Outdoors are preparing for another great season. There are always so many new and exciting things happening at our resort, but this year there is one aspect of the business we are going to try to excel in… our social media. As we propel into the twenty-first century, the importance of an online presence is growing rapidly.  There are so many outlets of social media available like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even this blog, just for a couple examples. Since these real-time communication systems are becoming vital to modern society, at Ozark Outdoors, we are making it a point to keep our loyal customers better informed in 2015.

  • Water Levels
  • Weather Conditions
  • Current Happenings
  • Special Events

These are a few things we will keep you updated on. We are learning as much as we can about how we can keep you, our customer, up to date on what is going on at our resort.  To do your part, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter/ Pinterest / Instagram, and subscribe to our channel on YouTube.  Let us know how we are doing.  Comments are always welcomed. What would you like regular updates on?  What information helps you? If you love Ozark Outdoors give us a review on TripAdvisor! RV Camping at Ozark Outdoors in Missouri

Halloween Spooktacular

Ozark Outdoors Fall Camping

Nothing Like Camping in Autumn

Camping in Missouri doesn’t get any better than this.

Tonight, we will celebrate our Halloween Spooktacular at Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort. The air is crisp with autumn, tendrils of campfire smoke wisp toward a bright blue sky, gold, red, and orange leaves tumble to the ground, and the kids are jabbering with excitement about tonight’s Haunted Storytelling Contest.

Of all the special events we host, this has to be one of my favorites. Missouri camping and cooler temps just seem to go together. What a way to relax.

But the adventure seekers are here too. Some of our heartier guests are floating the Meramec River, Courtois, and Huzzah. But it’s definitely bundle up weather. Of course, their efforts should bring rewards — the Bald Eagles have migrated back to our neck of the woods. The other day, I startled one from its nest, and was stunned at the brilliance of its mighty wings as it soared over my head.

Getting back to basics is one of the greatest benefits we offer. Parents and children are forced to turn off their electronic gadgets, and reconnect with each other. Without the distraction of hectic schedules, and pressurized responsibility, families bond, and relationships thrive. I’m thankful we can offer a peaceful break for those with harried lives.

Ozark Outdoors in the Fall

Ozark Outdoors Entrance into Autumn

Life is short, and so are the opportunities to enjoy those we love. Getting away with them in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to interact, and make a fresh start. I hope this Halloween season, some of you make the choice to bundle up, roast a few marshmallows, and have a S’more. After all, the little things create the biggest memories. These are the simple pleasures of living.

How do you make the most of your time with  family? What simple pleasures do you share?

Ozark World

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!!

The wind whispers in your ear as the leaves rustle under your feet.  Shades of every color shine down as you look ahead at the swaying trees.  You zip your jacket up to your chin while you walk down to your favorite little spot along the Meramec riverbank.  Now this… this is fall.

As much as we love summer around here, there are not many other places as beautiful as the Missouri Ozarks in the fall.  On top of a hill, you can see into the valley miles and miles of vibrant leaves on billowing trees.

Fall brings us more than just beauty though.  We all love when we can break out our hoodies and boots for the first time and head to a football game.  Here along the Meramec, it’s an ideal place to go on a hayride through the gravel roads and come back to warm up and roast marshmallows around a bon fire.

One of the favorite fall activities here in the Ozarks is to get out on the river one last time before the cold winter.  Just imagine floating down the Courtois, Huzzah, or Meramec rivers listening to the water babble against the canoe and soaking up the essence of nature.

As summer comes to an end, we say good-bye to the hot sunny days and welcome the cool autumn weather.  This Saturday marks the first day of fall, and we are excited about it.  We can hear the bon fire crackling already – we’re just waiting for you!

Fall Foliage

Fall colors along the river


Where the river is our highway!